Phil the Web Crawler – Data storage on DNA, eBook borrowing from Canadian libraries on the rise, digital magazines boom, eBooks for K-12 and inside the Facebook data centre.

– Medium is well done, but is it the future of publishing?

– Borrowing eBooks from Canadian Libraries is on the Rise.

– Ebook buyers in 54 states and territories are set to receive $69 million in a settlement between the states and HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster.

– Amazon’s New York-based imprint has signed a deal to distribute its ebooks to other retailers. The deal will make the ebooks available to Amazon competitors like Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo.

– Who is going to inherit your ebooks and etunes?

– Digital magazines boom too little to grow overall sales.

– ebrary Fortifies Strategic E-book Acquisition for K-12 Libraries with Common Core Standards Content.

– U.S. State Department withdraws Kindle contract proposal.

– Data storage on DNA:  Imagine taking the entirety of the world’s digital information – about 1.8 zettabytes, according to Harvard bioengineer Sriram Kosuri – and storing it on materials weighing only 4 grams.

– Check out Big Ideas for Libraries in Communities.

– Talk about big data…take a look at Facebook’s data centre in Oregon.

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