Phil the Web Crawler – Kobo replaces Google in eBook deal, libraries as post office, students find text eBooks clumsy, and books at platform.

– Libraries as Post Office? The United States Postal Service (USPS) may invite some public libraries to double as post office.

– Survey says: Canadian Book Buyers and Their Relationship to Libraries.

– A Selection of Findings from The Survey of Institutional Digital Repositories, 2012-13 Report.

– Conference Paper: “Ebooks: Has a Content Divide Replaced the Digital Divide?”

– DOJ compares Apple and publishers to big oil in ebooks case.

– Kobo replaces Google in eBook deal.

– Instead of books as bricks of paper why not books as “platforms”?

– Students Find E-Textbooks ‘Clumsy’ and Don’t Use Their Interactive Features.

– Plagiarism, defamation and the power of hyperlinks.

– How should academic libraries communicate their own value?

– Google lashes out at German copyright ‘threat’.

– Why the Nook is failing: One chart, four reasons.

– “Geek the Library” helps raise awareness for one state’s local libraries.

8 lovely libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

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