Phil the Web Crawler – Amazon and Apple drop ebook prices, Industry Minister skates on thin ice, e-Reserves dispute, and DOJ’s ebook decision in comic strip form.

– That was fast: Amazon is already discounting settling publishers’ ebooks.

– Ebook price drops begin and Apple is discounting, too.

– Meanwhile a plea for more poetry in the ebook pricing case.

– Thanks to Annette for mentioning this opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun about the important of libraries to community.

– Industry Minister skates around the CAP (Community Access Program) withdrawal of funding.

– Publishers Will Appeal E-Reserves Decision That Favored Georgia State U.

– Australian librarian to visit Canada to see how Canadian libraries engage the community.

– More cloudy days ahead when it comes to the Cloud.

– New film of Wuthering Heights to cast a black Heathcliff.

– Amazon’s Kindle Serials: Probably not the next ‘Great Expectations’.

– Fighting the DOJ’s Apple ebook settlement – in comic strip form.


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