Phillip the Web Crawler – Hachette ebooks up 220% for libraries, Amazon sales numbers, EBSCO 2013 Serials pricing, and Netflix slams broadband caps in Canada

– Starting in October, libraries will pay an average of 220 percent more for Hachette’s ebooks.

– Amazon Publishing shares some sales numbers in email to agents.

– EBSCO releases 2013 Serials Price Projection report.

– Kobo partners with Livraria Cultura to sell e-readers in Brazil.

– The serious business of Kindle Serials.

– Innovative services at public libraries highlighted in new ALA issues brief.

– Australian librarian to visit Canada to see how Canadian libraries engage the community.

– More cloudy days ahead when it comes to the Cloud.

– Thanks to Annette for mentioning this opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun about the important of libraries to community.

– Netflix exec: Canada’s broadband caps “almost a human rights violation”.


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