Phil the Web Crawler – Google settles, October Library Month, free textbooks, importance of librarians, Banned Books Week and e-readers as animals

– October declared as Library Month in BC.

– Thanks Allan Webner for noting this: Google settles with publishers over digital books but does not settle Authors Guild litigation.

Penguin brings ebooks back to libraries with distributor 3M.

– This year, Banned Books Week matters more than ever.

– How e-readers can be more like animals.

– Why J.K. Rowling’s  new ebook is $17.99.

– Thanks to Ashley for this:  Did You Just Pay Too Much for That eBook?

– California Takes a Big Step Forward: Free, Digital, Open-Source Textbooks.

– Patience has run out for librarians around the unsolved issue of e-book lending at libraries, according to American Library Association president Maureen Sullivan.

– Are librarians still important?

– ByWater Solutions now offers Canadian based Koha hosting services.

– The tick tock when J.K. Rowling’s new pre-ordained best seller turned to spaghetti on eReaders.


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