LTAS AGM This Friday

It’s time for our first Annual General Meeting since achieving Section status in BCLA!  The AGM will be this Friday, October 19, at 6:30pm.  The Vancouver and Fraser Valley chapters are meeting at Surrey City Centre Library, while the Prince George chapter is meeting at UHNBC.  If you can’t make it to either of those locations you can join us online, though interaction will be limited.

As LTAS Chair Tamarack Hockin said, “Join us on Canadian Library Support Staff Day (Oct. 19, 2012) to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments and plan for the year ahead.  In connection with our new role as “section” in BCLA, this year we will host a visit from our Executive Director, Annette DeFaveri.  Now is a great time to renew your involvement with LTAS and BCLA.  The LTAS AGM is a great opportunity to connect with your professional association and network with colleagues.  New members welcome.”

Please RSVP here.

See our website for more information, including election and candidates.

Questions about the AGM can be sent to


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