LTAS AGM Article

This article by LTAS Chair Tamarack Hockin will appear in the November 2012 BCLA Browser.


LTAS AGM: Partnerships Ahead

The Library Technicians’ & Assistants’ Section (LTAS) held its Annual General Meeting on Friday, October 19th, 2012. The LTAS AGM was held once again in conjunction with Canadian Library Support Staff Day – an annual celebration proclaimed by CLA to recognize the important contributions of non-MLIS staff to Canadian libraries.

The LTAS AGM was hosted jointly by our Fraser Valley and Vancouver Chapters at Surrey’s City Centre Library, with our Prince George Chapter at UHNBC and a few members joining remotely.

The Year in Review (2011-2012)

This year’s milestone was unequivocally LTAS’ attainment of section status in BCLA. Two years in the making, the LTAS petition garnered more than 101 signatures, and many more messages of support from colleagues throughout the province and across Canada. Once at the BCLA AGM, the resolution for LTAS passed unanimously (with LTAS carrying an additional 87 proxy votes!). Support for the creation of this new section has been overwhelming.

LTAS is now the newest section in the association, boasting 180 members. Our first AGM and elections as a section were a wonderful success. We filled  24 positions for the LTAS Executive, and hosted a brief presentation with Q&A from Chris Middlemass of the BCLA Board.

Partnerships Ahead

LTAS has been welcomed warmly in our new role by library colleagues across the association. Achieving section status has been a wonderful accomplishment for LTAS, but this is a means to greater ends. Our next challenge is to build up the association at large – to grow our contributions, expand our role, and build relationships in BCLA.

In becoming a section, LTAS members committed to partnership and better integration in BCLA. LTAS functions as a home base for many technicians and assistants in BCLA, providing a springboard into the rest of the association. LTAS’ main work for the coming year will be to continue building an association that includes technicians and assistants more fully through wider partnerships. There is a wealth of amazing work being done by BCLA’s sections, committees and interest groups (SCIGs), and LTAS members are ready to grow our involvement.

LTAS has established connections throughout BCLA, but we wish to continue expanding. The LTAS Executive will be reaching out in the coming year, and we invite other BCLA SCIGs to contact us with ideas and suggestions for projects, partnerships, or simply to increase communication.

On behalf of the LTAS Executive, we welcome membership to a new year in BCLA, and a new year of growth for technicians and assistants in the B.C. library community.

Our Thanks

Thanks to LTAS’ outgoing executive. The success of LTAS and our first AGM as a section rests with you.

Thanks also to the 30-something members who attended, in person and online, LTAS’ first AGM as a section. It is wonderful to get membership together for this special event.

Many thanks to Surrey Libraries and UHNBC for providing the meeting spaces for the LTAS AGM.

Special thanks to Chris Middlemass, Director on the BCLA Board, for attending and opening dialogue between LTAS membership and the BCLA Board.

Our thanks to Christina Neigel from UFV and Susan Burdak from Langara for joining us as representatives from B.C.’s two LIT programs.


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