Phil the Web Crawler – VPL thriving in digital age, 2012 year of the e-single, Twitter opens your archive and dine out on words at Bookateria.


– The Vancouver Public Library: Thriving in a digital age.

– Who’s to blame for the Instagram debacle? Take a look in the mirror.

– Why 2012 was the year of the e-single.

– Macmillan CEO: No, we won’t settle with the DOJ in the ebooks case.

– Penguin settles with Department of Justice in ebook pricing case.

– Ebook prices aren’t dropping faster because they weren’t too high before.

– Quora wants to go head-to-head with Wikipedia — and maybe Google too.

– 65,000 tweets in 2 minutes: Twitter officially opens your archive.

– Amazon’s super-duper data pipeline is now ready for its close-up.

– Publishers Lunch opens online bookstore, Bookateria.


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