Phil the Web Crawler – Google and the world brain, textbooks and etextbooks, Overdrive upgrade, loading ebooks on iDevices and interview with Toronto librarian Jane Pyper.


– Documentary throws the book at Google scanning project.

– 16 e-textbook providers: Who’s publishing and who’s selling?

– How publishers are re-imagining the Textbook in 2013.

– University libraries test ebook sharing.

– Don’t Call Them Textbooks.

– Why Apple is the stumbling block in Amazon’s ebook transition.

– Project Aims to Bring PLoS-Style Openness to the Humanities.

– How to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to borrow ebooks from the library.

– ALA Librarians learned a dazzling array of tips and tricks for increasing their public relations efforts.

– OverDrive announces streaming video and audio services for libraries and schools.

– What digital magazines can learn from ebook publishers.

– Excellent under 5 minute interview with  Toronto librarian Jane Pyper on CBC’s Lang and O’leary Exchange.

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