What Has the Fraser Valley Been Up To?

On April 7, 2013, 11 members of the Fraser Valley LTAS chapter met at the White Spot in Aldergrove and held a discussion in round table format. The topic? Share something interesting that’s going on: are you going to or presenting at any conferences? Is anything happening at work? How are school and/or practicums going?

For approximately two hours the group shared things they are doing on the job, after hours, and for school (and ate!). It was a great way to see what other types of libraries are doing and what our peers are taking part in.

Below is a brief synopsis of what some Fraser Valley library technicians are up to (full minutes can be found on the LTAS website):

Ashley Van Dijk and Anita Thompson are both presenting at conferences for the first time. Ashley will be presenting on the Stó:lō Library at the BC Studies conference on May 4th. Anita is attending the BC Library Conference on May 10th to present on Elder Friendly Health Resources.

Allan Webner shared about his volunteer work at the Abbotsford Aboriginal Education Centre, telling the group about using LibraryThing as an ILS, working with the Brian Deer classification system and working on choosing a name for the centre.

Sheila Penner and Lin Harris both work at MEI Schools. Currently the library staff are able to meet one morning a week, and have decided to use this time to update some of their policies. Job descriptions are being looked at right now to ensure they include all tasks done and to remove outdated tasks. MEI is switching over to RDA with an upgrade to their ILS. They are looking at doing a full switch over the summer, when impact to the students will be at a minimum.

Bradley Gordon told us about the UFV LIT Student Association  reviewing their constitution. He also told us about a recent site visit to the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) who is the recipient of a large collection of environmental books. Alissa Cherry (librarian) is looking at expanding the Environment section of the Brian Deer system as the items are moved into the library.

Quinn Perry has noticed that the Ocean Park Public Library is getting iPads installed in their children’s section.

Les Penner is completing his last semester! His practicum this spring will take place with Corrections, where he will be working for two weeks.

Dan Vitaly informed us about an upcoming report on Corrections Libraries which should be published shortly. He also made all of us jealous when talking about his year end budget increase and all the material he was able to purchase. Highlights of his purchase include medical texts, Game of Thrones , and the Walking Dead.

Tracy Bergey and Tamarack Hockin have both participated in Professional Development. Tracy has been attending workshops held on a variety of topics, such as MS Word 2010. She was especially interested in the Bibliography function it offers (Sheila offered a link with instructions on her blog). Tamarack went to DataCamp at VPL in March. DataCamp was held in unconference style where experts, beginners and those in-between shared their knowledge on a topic. Of particular interest to her were “What is the use of Open Data in public libraries?” and “How to hold a hackathon with youth”.

The next Fraser Valley LTAS meeting will be on June 2nd. Date and time TBD. Watch the listserv and come join us!

Ashley Van Dijk, Fraser Valley Chapter Co-Chair


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