LTAS Needs You

Dear students, alumni, and colleagues,

LTAS is heading into our second AGM as a section, and fourth AGM since the group was reconvened in 2009. We have been booking meeting spaces, delegating tasks, writing blog posts, hosting workshops, visiting our alma maters, and talking shop for some time now.

What is LTAS exactly? LTAS is your home base in the BC Library Association, and your jumping off point. It is the section within the larger BCLA specifically dedicated to library technicians and assistants. Yes, we mean you.

LTAS needs you. And if this sounds desperate, let me assure you that you also need LTAS.

LTAS Recruitment Poster

You may need LTAS because it provides a contact point for other technicians and assistants, because it is like a real-life LinkedIn that works, because it is the only organised meet-up that offers you a place to talk about the work we do outside of work. You may need it because you have a bee in your bonnet to organise and get involved, or because you really don’t have a bee in your bonnet but you would like to meet and support those who do. You need it to connect you with professional development opportunities, represent you to the BCLA Board, or provide online space for you to ask library questions to the hive mind.

LTAS needs new executive members. The wonderful, dedicated folks who have been involved in the executive for up to four years are ready to move on to new roles. These folk are also really, really keen to mentor new faces and bring new life into the profession. Please join us.

Contributing as an LTAS Executive member can take many forms. While there are a ton of useful skills and experience you could bring, there is only one really crucial qualifier: You need to sign up for one year. Just stay with us and see it through until next year’s AGM.

Want to know more? Sure you do. Check out this year’s list of executive positions [PDF] to get an idea of where you might contribute.

And don’t foget to RSVP to the AGM.

See you on October 18, 2013.

Tamarack Hockin, currently LTAS Chair.


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