Vancouver Meetup – March 2014

Ashley Van Dijk and Tamarack Hockin co-hosted LTAS Vancouver’s first meetup of 2014 at the Kingston Grille’s Wine Library (yes, seriously). 11 of our colleagues made it out to share a bit about what’s new in their professional worlds.

Ashley — SFU Bennett Library is just finishing up renovations on their integrated service point. Ashley will be co-presenting a session on the impacts of the renovations at the BCLA Conference. Check out “Collocation and Collaboration: Perspectives From Front Line Service Staff” on Tuesday, April 1. Ashley is also working on a capstone project in the Adult Education at UFV regarding English language learners and student services at post-secondary libraries.

Alison — Is studying at Athabasca and working on a history project regarding the 800 block of Granville Street.

Heather W. — Is working at the VCC Library, and discussed how the institution is being affected by recently announced cuts to ESL funding for post-secondary.

Mary — Currently working on a job manual for the Learning Commons at Langara. Discussed some of the impacts of VPL’s new reference strategy.

Sandra — Working on eBooks training and computer help classes at Surrey Libraries. Recently finalised a report on a workplace health & safety discomfort survey she helped initiate. Studying at SFU Surrey, and recommended some interesting youtube videos on cognitive science: SciShow, Vsauce, CrashCourse, and PBS Idea Channel

Candie — Working at RPL marketing and communications. Prompted discussion of maker spaces. Suggested links: Maker Faire Vancouver (June 7-8 at PNE), Maker Mobile (a mobile teaching workspace), Vancouver Hack Space, “Inside Vancouver’s Digital Strategy” (article on VPL’s maker plans), 3D scanner for (3D printing group), “Makers” (a novel by Cory Doctorow), WebMaker Party at BCLA Conference, and check recent discussion on BCLA Listserv.

Doris – Volunteering with the City of Vancouver Archives, and has been featured in their volunteer spotlight. Doris talked about a slide show she curated for the Archives in 2012 which was shown on the public video walls at the Archives’ Gallery and City Hall. Doris is actively searching for a new position after recently finishing a barcoding/cataloguing project for a local engineering firm.

Tamarack — Working on spring break programming for teens, including a mini hackathon and WebMaker sessions. Presenting on a panel at BCLA Conference, “New Century, New Acronym: Technology Advisory for Youth“, and for “Oh, Glorious Failures! Lightning talks on how to succeed through failure” (both on April 2).

Stephen — Cataloguing at Library Bound. Encouraged job seekers to visit the trade show at BCLA Conference – Stephen found his job partly by networking with vendor.

Diane — Currently job seeking for library position. Prompted discussion regarding libraries who post job descriptions for technicians as “non professional work”. Suggestions for employment seeking included networking with vendors at BC Library Conference, keeping resume current with relevant volunteer positions, re-applying to institutions so resume is on file, and tapping into your local network (like LTAS meetups!).

Heather D. — In the midst of a massive project adding barcodes to the collection. Will be attending the Special Libraries Association Conference in Vancouver this June. Is curating LTAS job posting emails (huge kudos from group to Heather!), and planning to move the weekly post to Fridays or Saturdays.


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