Vancouver Meetup and New LTAS Chair

On May 25, 2014 the Vancouver Chapter had a Meetup at The Pint.  Thank you to everyone who came out!  It was great to see new faces, even if the room was too loud for group-wide conversation.  We welcomed colleagues on their way to the CLA conference from Rossland, BC, and Saskatoon, SK.

Happy folks at the Vancouver Meetup


Happy folks at Vancouver Meetup

Happy folks at Vancouver Meetup








Ashley with crown and Tamarack


After a three year reign by Tamarack Hockin, Ashley Van Dijk took over the LTAS Chair position during the BCLA AGM on May 2. At the Meetup we marked this occasion by having Tamarack crown Ashley with some classy bling.



In case you missed them, here are Tamarack and Ashley’s recent messages to the LTAS listserv marking the Chair transition.

I am delighted to announce that LTAS now has a new Chair. Ashley Van Dijk has moved from the role of Chair-Elect to the position of LTAS Chair as of the BCLA AGM on May 2, 2014. Welcome, Ashley!

When I assumed the role of Interim Convenor for LTAIG in May of 2011, I was excited to continue the work of Stephen Karr and Sarah Felkar before me. We were building our regional chapters, and working towards section status in BCLA. When we finally achieved our goal of becoming LTAS in the spring of 2012, I was excited for LTAS to gain profile and a seat at the table of BCLA. After two years on the Board and as a Section, I see that LTAS is as integral to BCLA as any section, committee, or interest group. Through our formal role representing library technicians and assistants in the association, LTAS is influencing the profession’s perceptions of techs and assistants– who we are, our qualifications, and what we can accomplish.

LTAS is doing phenomenal work, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the work of the section and the association. It has been rewarding, challenging, sometimes infuriating, and also humbling to be LTAS Chair these past three years. I am very excited for the next chapter in our section’s story.

I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has supported the section and my work as LTAS Chair over the past three years. This includes past Convenors for LTAIG, the LTAIG and LTAS Executives, faculty and staff at both UFV and Langara, colleagues on the BCLA Board, the BCLA Office staff, our sister associations across Canada including OALT/ABO, AALT, MALT, SALT, NSALT, and LTAN at CLA, and my colleagues at Surrey Libraries. Individual members and supporters of the section are far too many to name, but it is the work and generosity of many amazing individuals which has given LTAS its stability and its momentum. As Chair I have received so many congratulations and kudos on behalf of the section, and I hope that I have conveyed how many dedicated professionals it really takes to keep LTAS moving forward. Without the vast network of support we have across the province, and perhaps even the country, there would be no LTAS. Representing the library technicians and assistants of BCLA has been a highlight of my library career to date, and a real privilege.

Thank you to the members of LTAS, and welcome to the new LTAS Chair, Ashley Van Dijk.

Tamarack Hockin
LTAS Chair, 2011-2014


As a section of BCLA, LTAS has an important presence in the library community, representing Library Technicians & Assistants across the province. Our regional meet ups provide a place to share ideas, talk about the profession, and meet new people. Mostly, it gives technicians a voice within the larger association and an opportunity to connect with peers.

When I joined LTAS, then LTAIG, I was looking for a community to share information on what was happening within libraries. At the time I was working in a small research library with one other library technician, and felt out of touch with what was happening outside of our organization. I thought that by joining LTAIG I would learn about different library settings, and become involved within the association. I went to my first meeting late in 2011, and at the AGM I volunteered as a Member at Large – knowing I wanted to be involved but wasn’t sure how.

The funny thing about volunteer associations such as BCLA and the LTAIG/LTAS group is how quickly you can be absorbed into it – and I mean that in the best way! Before 2011 was over, I had been invited to join Tamarack as the Fraser Valley chapter co-chair, launching me into a facilitative role that I had never imagined for myself.

This group is nothing without the dedication of it’s members, and I am touched to have your support as your new Chair. I’m looking forward to my time as your Chair.

Ashley Van Dijk


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