Revenge of Miscellany

Have your patrons received unsolicited emails asking them to publish in an open-access journal, join an open-access journal’s editorial board, or present at a conference they haven’t heard of before?  Beware of pseudo-academic publishers and promoters taking advantage of the open-access model.  This might seem like an issue for only academic libraries, but one of my engineers recently asked for help figuring out whether a journal that wanted to publish his paper was legitimate.  The email was so poorly written and proofread that I wouldn’t have published with them anyway!  The publisher also appeared on Beall’s List of apparently predatory publishers.  Subscription-based and advertising-based publishers can be unscrupulous too, but open-access is particularly vulnerable partly because it’s so new.  Here are sources of more information and lists to check:

The jobhunters among us may find this Mashable article useful: 5 Reasons Why Employers Don’t Respond After a Job Interview. (via SLA Connections newsletter)

What Does the HathiTrust Decision Mean for Libraries? examines the US Court of Appeals decision on mass digitization, in detail and with relatively plain language (via Andornot Consulting newsletter).

Sean Kheraj updated his list of online sources for historical Canadian newspapers on  “I found that Canada’s online historical newspaper archive is very limited, fragmented, and difficult to access… It turns out that there are a lot of people out there in search of historical Canadian newspapers on the Web and there doesn’t seem to be an adequate national index.” (via Andornot Consulting newsletter)

Halifax Public Libraries has a cool and technically interesting new Central Library opening soon!  Take a 3D tour here.  Even the American Society of Civil Engineers noticed: New Library Puts a Twist on Design.

Scribd e-book service has figured out which title is most downloaded in each US state. Personally I’m with Illinois & Wisconsin. Do any of you use Scribd?


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