Library Tech Conferences-Proposing and Attending.

While I have never presented at a Library Technicians’ Conference I have attended a few and tonight I did a bit of research.

According the Alberta Association of Library Technicians (AALT) conference proposal form one must include the following:

Contact information : your name,  job title, company or organization name, city in which you work, email address, and telephone number ; any additional presenters and your previous presentation experience.

Session information: session title and description, capacity if audience number is to be limited, target audience, equipment needs and presentation time wish ie. when in the conference do you wish present.

Session titles and content are as diverse as the people presenting them.

Here are a few from the 2014 AALT conference :

Evolving library services for indigenous, immigrant and special populations

Manisha Khetarpall
Come and explore the historical
development of library services for diverse
populations. The challenges and success
stories will be illustrated with evidence of
resource generation.

Enchanted Express: Using the Grab-and-Go Concept to Market your Preschool Collections

Susan Bennett & Nicole Van Den Berg
Does your library have a picture book
collection that contains hidden gems? Ours
did, so we developed an express-like
service for parents of preschoolers called
the Enchanted Express! Come aboard and
leave with ideas for a low cost and highly
adaptable grab-and-go service that is
suitable for public libraries of any size.

Legal Research Boot Camp

Erin Storey
Get ready for a fast and furious
introduction to the world of legal
information resources! This session will
take you through the steps in the legal
research process, and introduce you to a
selected collection of primary and
secondary legal materials. A mix of digital
and print resources will be introduced, both
open access and paid. Best practices, tips
and tricks will also be discussed plus
helpful referrals to community resources
and organizations. A great session for
reference staff and those working in public

What!? Fines?

Heather Willner
Ever have a patron exclaim, “There is no
possible way that I have fines owing!”, or
“It is without a doubt, that I have returned
ALL of my library materials.” How do we
prepare for these volatile situations that
result in satisfied customers, while not
leaving staff like a heap of wet noodles on
the floor? In this session, I will share my
discoveries of dealing with our public.

Ontario Association of Library Technicians 2014 conference included sessions titled:

The Virtual Historian-a session on the history information network.

Austentation- a session on marketing a month long program around Pride and Prejudice

Reading through each other’s eyes-a session on planning, promoting, and running a summer reading program.

Crafts for the non crafter

It’s virtually the real thing- a session on interactive videoconferencing.

Please do not hesitate to comment on session you have run or attended in or are planning to present at coming at a coming conference.

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