LTAS Positions for the coming year:

LTAS Chair : Ashley Van Dijk

Fraser Valley co-chairs: Quinn Perry and Anita Thompson

Prince George chair: Vaunda Dumont

Vancouver co-chairs: Ashley Van Dijik and Alison Klein

Recording Secretary: Sandra Cole

Blog Coordinator: Megan Neilans

Social Media Coordinator: Dawn Small

Website & Continuing Education: John Park

Careers Coordinator: Heather Duff

Langara Student Liaison: Dane Praed

UFV Student Liaison: Angela Fleming

Members at Large: Tamarack Hockin, Stephen Karr, Norm Berry, and others.

Keynote Speakers:

Diane Thompson spoke about the recognition we are now getting for our credentials and the changes that have been occurring in both the library tech programs and in the work world as there is more work for cataloguers and reference specialists. There was some discussion about different types of work that people were performing out in the field. Where will the library techs of the future find work? What will they be doing?

Christina Nigel performed a rant/discussion of continuing education which prompted feedback and commentary about what  we want out of our education system. Do we want more formalized education and conference courses. What about making sure that educational options are available and accessible for everyone in content and audience?

I include this link to Christina’s blog post as she has continued on with what she shared the night of the AGM.

Kenneth Gariepy took on the topic of intellectual freedom and discussed whether it was a right or a priviledge or both. Do we know  the answer to this question? Will the status of intellectual freedom change in the coming years and what is our responsibility as library personnel in supporting/defending this priviledge/right?

I am sorry for the lateness of this AGM summary and I hope anyone who has anything to add to what I have written will comment.


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