Member Spotlight

LTAS Member spotlight

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new series: the LTAS member spotlight. In this series we will introduce our readers to one of our members, learning about their job, why they chose to become a library technician/assistant, and how they enjoy to spend their time outside of work/school.

This month’s member is Quinn, a co-chair of the Fraser Valley chapter of LTAS. Quinn works for Surrey Libraries and has answered some questions for us. Her answers are below;

Can you tell us a bit about this position?

Responsibilities -reference questions, computer help, technology help, ebook troubleshooting, doing displays, reader’s advisory are the types of responsibilities you’ll find across the board in any public library. My own specific responsibilities include keeping our community/free information area clean and up-to-date, making sure the free legal information is replenished, maintaining the bus schedules (which is more complicated than it sounds) and keeping monthly branch statistics as well as quarterly system statistics.

Favourite parts – I like helping people and I like helping people find what they’re looking for, or at least, point them in the direction they were looking for. I like recommending good books, I like the more creative side of making displays and overall, I like that no day is the same. Each day is different. Keeps things interesting.

Most interesting -sometimes, it’s the people you meet and the conversations you have with the people you meet. Library folk are always interesting.

Challenging – not being able to help someone, for whatever reason

How did you become interested in being a Library Technician?

I was looking for a change and learned that I didn’t have to become a librarian (with all the education that entails) to work at the information desk in a library.

What about outside of work? What are your hobbies/interests?

Spending time with family/friends. Music, movies, a bit of gardening and reading.


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