LTAS Member Spotlight : Heather Duff

Introducing Heather! Some of you may recognize her name from the wonderful Careers emails, or are familiar with her through Vancouver Chapter events.


Where are you currently working?

Careers Coordinator, LTAS

Can you tell us a bit about this position

I gather job postings for BC locations that might interest Library Technicians and send them to the LTAS email list at least once a week. This includes checking emails from job alert services, using a change detection service to mind employer websites, and visiting websites that don’t allow change detection. The change detection service makes it so much easier! I also post a few less-advertised jobs on the Facebook group Canadian Jobs for Library Technicians. The best part is hearing from people who found it helpful. The most challenging part is keeping up with employers with tight closing dates, and the amount of time it takes to check all the sources.

How did you become interested in being a Library Technician?

I became a Lib Tech after a decade of office work and discovering that several other professions weren’t a good match. Library work involves several of the things I found fulfilling in previous jobs: helping people, doing research, and organizing. Plus I already wore glasses and cardigans, and loved cats. ๐Ÿ™‚

Education history

I graduated from Langara’s Library and Information Technology program in 2008. My favourite classes involved cataloguing or Guy Robertson stories. Before starting that program I completed an Associate of Arts degree at the Institute of Indigenous Government (now part of NVIT). A few years ago I found the Mastering Web Searching online course from University of Toronto’s iSchool helpful and interesting (see also

What about outside of work? What are your hobbies/interests?

Outside of work I am busy settling in to a new city (Prince George) and searching for work. My interests include travel, watching roller derby and hockey, reading (especially graphic novels), movies, theatre, and learning Spanish. I hope to get back into playing piano as well.

Any advice for new technicians or people interested in the field?ย 

I advise new technicians to keep in touch with your practicum hosts, join LTAS, and take every opportunity to meet colleagues. The library community is small, so always put in your best effort and don’t burn bridges. I’ve found library people welcoming and helpful for the most part. If your employer supports professional development and association memberships take full advantage of that; I wish I’d started ARMA courses earlier in my last job.


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