LTAS Member Spotlight: Dawn Smaill

Member spotlights are back after a short hiatus! This month please meet Dawn Smaill, a library technician working in an academic library.

Where are you currently working

SFU Burnaby Campus – Learning & Instructional Services Division

Can you tell us a bit about this position

As a Library Assistant in the Learning & Instructional Services Division, there is a lot of variety in this position. I teach general library instruction workshops to SFU & Fraser International College students. I provide research assistance at the Research Help desk, as well as through AskAway and TxtUs services. There are opportunities to serve on library committees with staff from other departments. The sheer variety of work that I do is what I find most interesting. There’s no chance for boredom!

How did you become interested in being a Library Technician?

After returning from living in Japan for 8 years I wanted to do something different but still fell within my interests of communication studies and teaching.

Education history

I was aware of the LIBIT diploma program at the University of the Fraser Valley from when I did my Associate of Arts in Communication there (at that time it was UCFV). My program shared the same lab space as the LIBITers and it was interesting to hear them talk about what they were learning. When I returned from Japan I enrolled in the program and graduated in 2014.

What about outside of work? What are your hobbies/interests?

Like most library people I do enjoy reading and have been on a non-fiction bent for the last few years rather than fiction. I volunteer for a local archives and serve on the LTAS Executive as Social Media Coordinator. Travel and photography are two of my other interests.

Any advice for new technicians or people interested in the field?

I cannot overstate how vital it is to join a professional organization for your field in order to continue the networking that begins during your LIBIT program. It is one of the ways that you can continue the lifelong learning that is so important in a field that constantly engages communities through new technologies to provide the best service possible.

Are you on the LTAS Executive? In what position?

Social Media Coordinator 2014-15
Vancouver Chapter co-chair 2015-16


Is there anyone you want to nominate to be showcased in our Member Spotlight? Maybe yourself? Please fill out this form, and you could be next month’s member spotlight!


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