Job Search Resources for BC

Every weekend I send a message to the LTAS listserv with new job openings in BC that would appeal to people who have, or are getting, a Library Technician diploma.  Here are the online resources used to assemble those messages.  Thanks as always to my predecessor, Mandi Schwarz, for setting up most of the system.


Change Detection Service sends you email when something changes on job posting pages.  This is useful if the website doesn’t have an email alert service.  The trigger depends on type of website: a library’s career page is monitored for any changes, but a university-wide career page is monitored for the word “library” being added.  Library-specific sites with a broad reach, like CLA, are monitored for “BC” and “British Columbia”.  Unfortunately some web pages don’t allow monitoring bots.  Also, it doesn’t work as well with sites that post several pages of jobs or require searching; it’s better for organizations that list all jobs on one page.


General Job Sites

All of these sites offer email alerts.

Indeed: This site is especially helpful for nontraditional sectors like records management and corporate libraries.  Sometimes it doesn’t take posts down right away when they’re filled or closed, so view the employer’s original posting before applying. A few public libraries in small towns seem to only post jobs here.  I had trouble with province-wide alerts, but if you’re only looking in one area it’ll probably work better for you.  Tech support was not helpful.

Other sites that may be helpful: Monster, Workopolis, (insert your city, e.g.


Library Job Sites

The Partnership Job Board, run by Canadian provincial and territorial library associations, offers email alerts. Note: if you had alerts set up on their old site before September 2015 you must set it up again on their new site.

CLA (Canadian Library Assoc.) postings seem to be MLIS-heavy.  This page may disappear or change with upcoming Association changes.

ARMA International offers email alerts for records management positions.

SLA Western Canada Chapter (Special Libraries Assoc.)

VALL (Vancouver Assoc. of Law Libraries)

AALT (Alberta Assoc. of Lib. Techs.) has a page for BC jobs.

Foothills Library Assoc. is focused on Alberta but occasionally posts BC jobs.  Change detection is not allowed.

INALJ (I Need A Library Job) unfortunately stopped posting Canadian jobs recently.  I hope they resume; it used to be a good resource.  Change detection will not work so long as they are posting PDFs.


Industry-Specific Sites

Non-profit: Charity Village offers email alerts.



  • Canada offers email alerts but only for one term, so I have an alert for “library” then search manually for “records” and “information”.
  • BC offers email alerts.
  • CivicInfo BC seems to post most municipal jobs, and also offers RSS feeds.


Medical: In addition to your local health authority’s career page…


Elementary and Secondary Education:


Post-Secondary Education: BC’s Ministry of Advanced Education lists public and private institutions here.  You can set up change detection for their careers pages, except those listed below.  If their page offers the option to limit your search to external postings only I recommend that.


Public Libraries: The BC Ministry of Education maintains this list of public libraries and their websites.  You can set up change alerts for their careers pages.  Note that many small libraries don’t maintain a separate careers page if there are no openings, or don’t post openings on their website at all.


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