LTAS Member Spotlight: Krissy Bublitz

In the months leading up to the annual BC Library Conference (May 2016) the member spotlight will showcase several library technicians/assistants who are presenting in a panel looking at the current state of the profession and its future.

Introducing Krissy!

Where are you currently working?

Vancouver Public Library

 Can you tell us a bit about this position

Over the last year I have been the Library Technician working directly under management for the Inspiration Lab at the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Library.

This role included developing and carrying out programming on the specialty digital creation software in the Inspiration Lab — Audio recording/editing software, Video editing software, and photo editing software. I also assisted with equipment inventory, troubleshooting and streamlining equipment and process of the recording studios.

This opportunity allowed me to develop skills in areas I would not have on my own and gain experience working with a small team in implementing the Inspiration Lab and all the challenges that are part of new projects. The most challenging and crucial aspect of this process was being able to keep clear communication moving between front line staff and management. The initial staffing model creating some issues directly impacting communication.

How did you become interested in being a Library Technician?

I have an interest in many different fields from engineering and architecture to philosophy, applied sciences to history, law enforcement to the paranormal; I wanted to have the ability to be as fluid as possible in my career and personal development.

The Library Technician and Information Science Diploma gave me that option providing solid skills in database creation and management, cataloging, records management, website creation and reference interview skills.

Education history

I graduated from the Langara College Library Science and Information Technology program in 2013.

I have a long history of post secondary education in various fields such as Kinesiology, Resort and Hotel Management, Environmental Science and Water Quality Engineering. I had not given any area enough time to complete before moving on to a new interest and had no transferable credentials until completing my Library Technician Diploma at Langara.

What about outside of work? What are your hobbies/interests?

Outside of work I have an interest in nature, pollinators, domestic and wild animals and oddly — or not, domestic classic cars.

Any advice for new technicians or people interested in the field?

My advice for new technicians is to try not dismiss opportunities based on romanticized ideas. When I graduated from Langara I had absolutely no interest in public libraries and avoided them for about a year after graduation, working solely in academic libraries. On a whim I applied and was hired at Vancouver Public Library and the experience and networking opportunities since has been invaluable.

Are you on the LTAS Executive? In what position?

Chair Elect


Is there anyone you want to nominate to be showcased in our Member Spotlight? Maybe yourself? Please fill out this form, and you could be next month’s member spotlight!


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