Second Annual Langara Speed Mentoring Workshop

On April 19, the second annual speed mentoring workshop involving Library and Information Technology students and graduates was held at Langara College.  The event was organized and sponsored by the Langara Library and Information Technology department.

The event this year included ten mentors who had the opportunity to share their post-graduate experiences with ten Langara students.  In addition, eleven mentees eager for some guidance as they enter the field attended the event.  It was an absolute pleasure for me to serve as the MC this year.

Ten tables were set up.  Due to smaller numbers than last year, three minutes were allotted for each session.  There would be roughly one mentor to one student at each table. When the bell rang to indicate the end of the session, each student would move on to another table of their choosing.

Mentors came from public, academic, and special libraries.  They perform a variety of tasks in their work.  Students asked questions of the mentors pertaining to their work, their job search leading up to employment, and how their Langara education prepared them to enter the field.

Students once again have provided positive feedback about their experience at the workshop.  Though LTAS provided some of the mentors and the MC, once again a huge thank you is due to Diane Thompson and Serenia Tam of the Langara Library and Information Technology department for heading up the organizing of this event.  Thank you as well to all the mentors and mentees who participated.   See you next year!


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