Call out for library technician mentors

I am on the BCLA mentorship committee.  The BCLA mentorship program matches mentees who are students or who are just starting out in the field, with more experienced library professionals.  Library technicians as well, as librarians have participated in our sessions, which run about twice a year and are roughly two months in duration.  The program “exists to connect and empower association members by fostering positive relationships in the library community. ”  It “encourages sharing, and aims to promote leadership and commitment to the profession.”  More information can be found on the Mentorship Program’s web page at BCLA Connect.  We will have a session in the fall, with dates yet to be determined.

Here is the reason I am writing. The last few sessions, we’ve had a challenge finding enough library technicians to participate as mentors, given the number of lib tech/student mentees we have had. As the sole library technician on the BCLA Mentorship Committee (who actually wouldn’t mind some company), I would like to encourage more lib tech mentors to participate in the sessions generally.  If you would like an very rewarding learning and teaching experience, and are available to at least exchange a few thoughtful emails with a mentee over a two month period, please consider BCLA Mentorship as an opportunity.  If you are interested, please keep an eye out for an announcement of the fall session that will be shared on the LTAS listserv.


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