A Journey Into Finding a Career as a LibTech

“If I can only get an interview, they can see that I’m qualified and a good worker.” “Why aren’t I getting an interview?” “What’s wrong with me?” “Nobody wants me.” “Everyone else is getting a job, why not me?”

Those were just some my constant thoughts  while deep in my job search. Sometimes I told myself to just shut up, get out of that world’s smallest violin attitude, and pull myself together. Back and forth I wavered between being down and trying to be somewhat optimistic.

I graduated from Langara’s LibTech Program in June of last year (2012). I did not find a job until a few months ago. The cool thing was that it turned out to be the perfect job for me. Seriously, it couldn’t be a better fit if I had to pick and choose it myself. Continue reading “A Journey Into Finding a Career as a LibTech”


Vacations and Libraries

Radiance of Sea LibraryOn my two week cruise last month to Alaska, I was quite pleased that the ship (Radiance of the Sea of Royal Caribbean) has a library. It was a small one — the pictures on their website was quite decieving. Nevertheless, I was able to find a couple of interesting reads — Continue reading “Vacations and Libraries”

My Typing Test Trepidation

Student Corner

I’m practically on my last lap on my Libtech program – only a month and a half left. What do you think would be weighing down heavily on my head – the finals, the endless research work, the often full of tension group projects or maybe the practicum? Well, you would be wrong.  What scares me the most is the required typing test. Continue reading “My Typing Test Trepidation”

Conversation at the Cove with Guy Robertson

Guy at The Cove

If you are a LibTech alumnus from Langara College or a current student, then you know Guy Robertson — the instructor who could give a lecture describing building evacuation techniques without putting students to sleep. Since 1993, Guy has taught library history, bibliography, and records management at Langara. He is a published author and writes articles about various topics including emergency preparedness, fraud prevention, information security, and records managements for Feliciter.

His relaxed and conversational teaching gives students a welcome reprieve from Marc 21 and bibliographic searching. I found myself looking forward to his lectures (even the one that ended at 9:30 pm).

Recently at the Cove, a popular pub in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, I spent a couple of hours with Guy. We talked about his work, life and passions.  Incidentally, the Cove happens to be one of his favourite pubs. He has frequented it since it opened in the 1970s. Guy is candid and amusing; he shared with me his passion for reading and for travelling in Britain.

Continue reading “Conversation at the Cove with Guy Robertson”

Doing your LibTech Program Requirement in Italy

Doing my homework
Doing my homework

Picture this — you are wearing your bathing suit, your journal and a pen (no, not a computer) in front of you.  You are sitting outside in a terrace, and while contemplating on what to write next, you look afar and admire the rows of cypress trees lining the road, the olive groves, the stone houses… Continue reading “Doing your LibTech Program Requirement in Italy”