Reflections on the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use conference

Over the course of three days spanning the end of May and beginning on June, UBC hosted WILU – the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use – with a theme of “Intersections”. I attended the full conference including a pre-conference session, and presented during the lightning talks about library technicians facilitating instruction.

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LTAS Member Spotlight: Ashley Edwards

In the months leading up to the annual BC Library Conference (May 2016) the member spotlight will showcase several library technicians/assistants who are presenting in a panel looking at the current state of the profession and its future.

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Physical Changes: Do Renovations Change the ‘Traditional’ Library?

Ashley Van Dijk

The main floor at Simon Fraser University Library in Burnaby is undergoing renovations this summer and into the fall. The most notable change with the renovation is the merging of the Loans and Reference counters. This brings both of the public services to one location, providing a one stop shop model for patrons. Previously Loans and Reference were on opposite sides of the floor; once the renovation is complete we will be sharing space while still functioning as separate departments.  What this means is that no longer will either department have to direct patrons across the floor to the other counter, and staff will able to collaborate to answer questions. Continue reading “Physical Changes: Do Renovations Change the ‘Traditional’ Library?”

Changing Models of Library Service

On November 21, 2012 I attended SLA Western Canada Chapter’s event “Changing Models of Library Service”.  The panel members were Simon Neame, Director of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC, and Professor Luanne Freund, a faculty member at SLAIS (UBC). Continue reading “Changing Models of Library Service”

The Reference Interview Part 1: The Essentials

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When patrons enter a public or academic library, they often need  assistance in locating the information they are seeking.  The idea of the reference interview is to focus the query of the enquiring patron to determine what it is specifically that they are looking for.   As with other interpersonal interactions, there is a process involved in undertaking an interview.  The purpose of this article is to examine the literature to determine best practices for the essential reference interview.

This article seeks only to identify the essentials of the interview process.  A later article will examine special topics regarding the reference interview. Continue reading “The Reference Interview Part 1: The Essentials”

Phil the Web Crawler – Kobo replaces Google in eBook deal, libraries as post office, students find text eBooks clumsy, and books at platform.

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