The Non-Traditional Library Practicum Experience

This post was written by Norm Barry, a second year library technician student studying at Langara College about a practicum placement outside of the library field.

An opportunity arose through the Library Tech Practicum program for me to work part-time at a Non-Traditional Library to complete a further 70 hours of practicum time in the Spring Semester of 2016, March through May.

The practicum was to be done with the Westbank (West Kelowna) Museum and Archives

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The LibTech Practicum Experience

As a LibTech student I was particularly grateful that the Langara program offered practicum placements, giving students the opportunity to ‘try on’ different library settings and get a feel for where they might want to work following graduation. Now that I am working in the library field I get the opportunity to be on the other side of the coin, introducing practicum students to my work and hoping to engage them with the operations of a special library. This past summer we were lucky to have a visiting first-year Langara student named Jennifer who was gracious enough to permit us to post her practicum log, giving our readers an inside look at her two-week experience at a small medical library. Thank you to Jennifer, and her instructor Susan Burdak, for contributing to our discussion.

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